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Prebuilt website CMS
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A powerful web content management system that simplifies website creation and
management, providing intuitive tools and streamlined workflows for efficient
online content publishing.
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Devo CMS gives you ability to upload, delete and modify the content of website without needing to know
HTML, CSS coding languages
Design / Interface
A sleek and intuitive webCMS design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with user-friendly functionality
Content Management
Devo WebCMS enables effortless website management and seamless content updates
Digital Marketing
Boost your online presence and maximize conversions with our cutting-edge webCMS digital marketing solutions
Security Compliance
Implementing robust access controls and encryption protocols to ensure webCMS security compliance
Features of DevoWebCms
Awesome features of our DevoWebCms
Here you can check user logins, activities, Google Analytics(if integrated)
Here you can create any number of pages, Edit existing page or delete any pages.
Menu Manager
Here you can add, delete or update navigation menu. This feature enables to add submenu as well as mega menu.
This feature enables you to create category such as blogs, news/events. It will help while creating any posts
This feature enables you create any number of posts such as blogs, news/events.
This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents.
This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents
This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents.
This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents.
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Business Plugins / Tools
Boost your business efficiency with powerful plugins and tools for seamless operations and enhanced productivity.
Pro Analytics
Track every visitor via Device, OS, Time, links & Url.
Afilate MKT. System
Use the Power of third-party publishers to generate trafic or leads.
Tracking Urls
Now You can track, identify and analze user activity or behaviour on the website.
Social Share Modules
Now user can Easily share webpages/ assets on modules & Social Media.
Web Form Maker
Now create and manage web forms to get queries from website visitors.
User Permissions
Control what your team members can do on your website.
Now add news alerts, header Message, Footer anouncement to website.
Pop Ups Maker
Strategcally Place Pop ups on website for more Lead / queries.
Chat GPT 4.5
Use iin Built Chat GPT 4.5 to grnerate content for website.
Modules of DevoWebcms
The content publishing module allows content creators to easily create and publish articles, blog posts, and other types of content, with features such as WYSIWYG editing, media integration, and scheduling options
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We Offer
Unlimited Web pages, webforms and helps you to manage Menu / Navigation, slider, Company information and many more.
Menu / Navigation
You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its domain name to its layout, colors and content.
Your products are displayed in an online catalog that you can organize by category, so they are easy for customers to browse and always look their best.
Company Information
From PayU Money to PayPal to CC Avenue, We integrate with Multiple Payment Options Supported and bank transfer.
Devologix is a Software Company based in India. We work hard at providing quality web & win applications, expertise in online advertising and clean design.
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